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Gentle Dentistry for All Ages!


Your smile is a tool and a badge. A bright, beautiful smile can disarm a tense confrontation, and it can warm the hearts of those you love – a symbol of the affection you feel. When you neglect your teeth, you risk losing that treasured form of expression.

The gentle, caring and competent staff at Daniel T. Hefelfinger, DDS, can restore and preserve your smile for you, ensuring that you’ll be able to carry your exceptional emblem with you for years to come. Through our expert general dentistry, we can help you maintain complete oral health.

Please call 805-642-5196 today to schedule your appointment. we look forward to working with you.

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Dr. Daniel Hefelfinger Ph.D DDS


Patient Testimonials


~ Thank you for keeping my teeth and smile beautiful!


R.L., Ventura, Ca.





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