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Gentle Dental Care

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  • Composite Resin Fillings - Matched to the shade of the tooth
  • Crowns - Porcelain fused to High Noble Gold crowns & bridges, & All Porcelain Crowns
  • Dentures - Complete and Partial, also available in a metal free form
  • Esthetics - The Art & Science of Dentistry
  • Extractions - (Last Resort) I want to help you preserve your teeth.
  • Fluoride - Strengthens developing teeth as well as mature teeth
  • Implants - Many options for restoration are utilized: single crowns, bridges and dentures retained by Implants
  • Periodontics -, Scaling & Root Planing, Prophylaxis & Oral Hygiene Instruction
  • Root Canals - Pre-molar & anteriors
  • Sealants - Protective resin placed in the deep grooves of teeth to prevent decay
  • Silent Night Mouth guard - helps eliminates SNORING in most cases
  • Sports Mouth Guards - Only a custom fitted appliance can give your teeth the most protection available
  • Teeth Bleaching - Only a Dentist can safely renew your teeth to their brightest, whitest potential
  • Veneers - Conservative restorations that re-face teeth to proper alignment, spacing and color


First Visit:

At your first visit, please tell us of any conditions that are of an emergency nature. We will treat these first and then perform, or schedule you for, the following:

1.) Preventative visit with our hygienist
2.) Examination with a dentist
3.) Photographs and radiographs (Digital x-rays) as needed
If you have particular concerns or fears, please tell us about them.

Generally, at the first appointment, a thorough examination of all areas of your head, neck, and mouth (teeth, gums, bite, and more) will be done. Photographs, radiographs, and molds of your mouth will be taken, as deemed necessary, so that we may accurately assess your dental needs. We believe this appointment is a very important one. We will then discuss our findings and recommendations. 

Second Visit:

In most cases, our findings, as well as the photographs, radiographs, and models (made from the molds previously taken), will be reviewed with you to help you visualize and fully understand what we have seen during our examination. When applicable, an estimate of proposed treatment fees will also be provided.

Preventative Oral Hygene Visit:

At this visit with the hygienist, you will receive a thorough cleaning of your teeth above and below the gums. You will also be taught theories and techniques for controlling dental disease to which we subscribe. The hygienist will recommend a periodic recall schedule appropriate for your needs.